Your Gift Results

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What does your results say about you?

Your top three spiritual gifts tend to define you. Take the following for an example from the Scripture…

Acts 4:36-37 spoke of a man named Joseph, a Levite of Cyprian birth, but his primary passion of encouragement was quite apparent to the apostle’s, for they nicknamed him Barnabas (which translated means Son of cEncouragement). He used a secondary ministerial passion of giving when he sold his personal tract of land and laid it at the apostles’ feet. He encouraged through giving. Later on, when he used a tertiary gift of teaching to encourage the brethren (Acts 15:35). His primary passion was encouragement, but he merged his other gifts to facilitate.

Many groups of student-preachers from schools of preaching have taken this test. Below is an example to illustrate the contrasting differences among them.

  1. Preacher A: He tested primary evangelist, secondary teacher and tertiary mercy giving. His sermons tended to be Christo-centric, detailed in nature and gentle in demeanor.
  2. Preacher B: He tested primary encourager, secondary servant and tertiary giving. When he preached his sermons, they tended to be uplifting, centered on serving one another and sacrifice.
  3. Preacher C: He tested primary as teacher, secondary as prophet and tertiary administrative. We were not surprised to find that most of this man’s sermons were very confrontative, proof-texted and well outlined.

The bottom two are also very important, for they often define what you are not. If Preacher C in the above example tested very low in encouragement and mercy giving, he would more than likely be a person who could over-abrasive to the others around him.

So, what were your top three and bottom two gifts from the test results? It more than likely explains what drives you in this life. Using your top three gifts, here is a list of suggested ministries to which you might enjoy.

If you would like to know more about developing your own personalized ministry opportunities, send me an email ( and I will write back.

God Bless,

Doug Hamilton