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Spiritual Giftedness: Empowering the Twenty-First Century Church” is a practical book about discovering your personal identity in Christ. All Christians are saved by the blood of Jesus, but all Christians are not the same. Each person has spiritual DNA (Divine Natural Ability) which makes them unique not only in personality, but also in their service to the Lord. What might provide joy to one may not have the same effect on another. We all bring something to the table. In this book you will be able to administer your own spiritual DNA Test to discover how to find the peace, joy, and happiness that God wants in your life. Which one of the ten ministerial passions are you, your spouse, your children or friend? Discover your Spiritual Giftedness and unleash what God has in store.

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The Implementation Guide is the companion book for “Spiritual Giftedness: Empowering the Twenty-First Century Church”. It can be used for Christian camps, youth groups, small-group Bible studies, Sunday school classes and personal scripture devotions.

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