Spiritual Gift Test

This test is designed to help you determine your spiritual gifts.
There are 80 questions and it should take you about 15-20 minutes
to complete. There are no right or wrong answers. It is not a pass
or fail test but one that helps you identify your spiritual strengths
relative to your personality. Be Honest! Don’t answer the questions
as to what or who you want to be but as to who you really are for
best results. Once you answer the questions, at the end you will receive
a score relative to each of 10 identified gifts.

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Click on the button next to the condition that best describes you
in each statement.1. I am direct in speaking to people about being wrong.

2. I am not afraid to give advice to my peers.

3. I love sharing good news to others.

4. When I’m comfortable with a plan, I move into action.

5. I am ready to try the impossible because
I know things will work out.

6. I have the capacity to identify when something is wrong.

7. It seems easy to learn difficult subjects.

8. I identify with the forgotten of society.

9. I am concerned about the comfort of others.

10. I am willing to do a variety of odd jobs to meet the needs of others.

11. People with problems come to me for advice.

12. I adapt to cultures different from mine.

13. I readily share information about my beliefs.

14. I am emotionally hurt when people do wrong.

15. I give my money and possessions
without expecting anything in return.

16. I feel the need to make people feel welcome.

17. Others have told me how much they appreciate my concern for them.

18. I desire to help those who are suffering.

19. I recognize the needs of others and move to meet them.

20. I feel compelled to smile when around others.

21. People follow my leadership.

22. I am a good manager of money.

23. I feel a sense of adventure when traveling.

24. I emotionally feel a need to help those in poverty,
physically sick or lonely.

25. I enjoy evaluating results from studies and

26. I am always looking for better ways
to communicate my thoughts.

27. I hold a positive outlook on life.

28. People say they learn a lot when I teach.

29. I gravitate towards the outcasts of society.

30. I have no problem leaving my possessions behind.

31. I have a readiness to help if
there is a job that needs to be done.

32. People view me as impatient with others.

33. I enjoy education and learning.

34. I am concerned about making a good first impression.

35. I am motivated by people more than tasks.

36. It is difficult for me to say “No” when
asked to help.

37. I enjoy watching personal growth in individuals.

38. I make difficult thoughts
easy to understand.

39. I enjoy delegating responsibilities to others.

40. I double-check to make sure my facts are correct.

41. I feel compelled to expose society’s ills.

42. People view me as being gentle.

43. I feel the need to help when people are financially in need.

44. I enjoy assisting others who are in charge.

45. I readily see the potential in others.

46. Long-term relationships are important to me.

47. I have a desire to know people from other cultures.

48. I cause people to feel positive about themselves.

49. I hurt when knowing others are in pain.

50. I am not emotionally attached to my possessions.

51. I make friends quickly.

52. I readily take on obstacles of life.

53. I am content to perform jobs that are considered “unimportant” by others.

54. People value my answers to their questions.

55. Taking responsibility for planning is not difficult for me.

56. I am pessimistic about society.

57. I am comfortable pressing people to make a decision.

58. I willingly sacrifice to help others meet their needs.

59. I desire to help others when called upon.

60. I build confidence in those who are unsure of themselves.

61. I like working with my hands when I am able.

62. I enjoy food from other cultures.

63. I enjoy organizing people, ideas and events.

64. I understand the emotional swings of those going through
painful experiences.

65. I know things always work out in the end.

66. I believe that training is vital to improvement.

67. I can tell when a person is lying to me.

68. I enjoy giving anonymously.

69. I enjoy working with facts and figures.

70. Taking time for friends
and family is extremely important.

71. I am willing to learn whatever is necessary in order
to help others.

72. I tend to be the “life of the party”.

73. I am emotionally connected to those around me.

74. I tend to take charge within groups.

75. I feel a need to share my possessions.

76. I enjoy having people in my home.

77. I am sensitive towards others who are
in trouble or crisis.

78. I easily learn other languages.

79. I love to debate.

80. I speak my opinion even when it is unpopular.





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