Doug Hamilton became a Christian in his early twenties in Iowa City, Iowa on June 13, 1988. His first love in the church has always been in Evangelism and Teaching. For many years he taught and preached as a layman to help out his local congregation. In 1997 he gave up his professional career in the death care industry and went full-time into the ministry. He has been the pulpit minister and evangelist at the Camp Hill Church of Christ in Pennsylvania since 2002. He has been active in many foreign missions including Romania, Africa, India, Canada and Greece. Doug is a graduate of Southern Christian University and Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI). In 2014 he became the Director of Focus Northeast for SIBI. He has four children and seven grandchildren. The topic of Spiritual Giftedness and its application to ministerial involvement has been the core of his training for nearly two decades. He has held more than a hundred Spiritual Giftedness seminars and classes throughout the world, including many schools of preaching.

Doug Hamilton is a minister and preacher for the churches of Christ in the midwest. He is the father of four faithful Christian children and grandfather of eight.